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    Genecos Outdoor Lighting.

    Genecos Outdoor Lighting.
    Genecos Outdoor Lights

    Being able to see the country in an RV or boat is a great opportunity. It is often a dream for those that have recently retired. They want to be
    able to spend time as a couple and to see all those things that they weren’t able to get to before due to work obligations. For others renting an
    RV or boat is a great way for the entire family to take a trip for spring break, over the summer, or over the Christmas holiday.

    Genecos Outdoor Lights are perfect for RV and boating trips of all types and there are quite a few to chose from. If your plans include staying at various camp grounds or boat docks, you will want to have some light after the sun goes down. Even though many of the camping areas etc.
    may offer electricity you can save money if you don’t rely on it. Plus, if you don’t have advanced reservations there is a good chance that you may
    not find any electrical camp sites left, so be prepared! Plus you may want to dock in a nice cove on the waterway!

    Exploring the area is always a big part of RV trips and boating adventures. It can be very exciting to eat outdoors, to enjoy nature, and to spend
    quality time as a family. With Genecos' rechargeable lamps there is lighting for talking at night, for getting up to go to the bathroom, and more. The idea is that you want to be able to really enjoy every aspect of the trip and lighting is a big part of what you will need.

    Flashlights can give you some lighting but they can be a nuisance too. Plus, they only offer lighting in one given small area at a time. Candles and
    fuel Lanterns can be dangerous and give off unwanted fumes etc.. With rechargeable lamps, there is a softer illumination that spreads out across a
    larger area for you so that you will be able to feel comfortable and enjoy your trip to the fullest. They are cool to the Touch, toxic free, and safe
    for indoor and outdoor use.

    Genecos' Rechargeable Lights are affordable and a wonderful asset to have around. You definitely want to have them as part of your
    items on board when you go on RVing, Camping, or Boat trips. They are very simple to use and they won’t let you down. They are safer than fuel
    lanterns or candles too that can get hot and create injuries or fires. Hopefully you will never end up needing to change a flat tire on an RV at
    night, running out of gas, or needing repairs. However, if you do you will be very glad that rechargeable lamps are in your supplies.

    We're sure that you can find other uses but here are some of ours: 

    • As a reading light at night in bed - No Power – No Problem, just turn it on!
    • In a tent while camping or in the garden
    • To cooking in the dark while camping
    • As a backup light for expeditions in RV or Boat
    • To light a shed, a closet, a whole room!
    • As a gift for the senior in your life! No Candles or Flashlights required!
    • To take on a walk at night
    • In case of a power cut emergency Light!
    • For dining on the Patio, mood lighting!
    • For looking under the bonnet of the car Safety light!
    • For plain old everyday use, but always ready!
    • Making someone feel secure they will always have light!
    • As a night light for toddlers Safe non-toxic and cool to the touch
    • To light the way in all emergencies!
    • Or just for fun


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